Connecticut law requires individuals to go through an adversarial process to determine their rights and obligations when they are ending their marriage or civil unions. Unfortunately this can be very distracting resulting in a person’s inability to focus on the important issues. It also brings out the worst in people in an already difficult time.

Connecticut is an Equitable Distribution State. This fact is significant to the issues of alimony, property distribution and assignment of debts and liabilities to either party. It is imperative to have an attorney who understands how Connecticut laws work and who can help you maximize the results in your case.

The process of Divorce or Dissolution of a Civil Union is emotionally and financially difficult for everyone. Individuals are faced with emotional reactions while they are involved in a legal system they know little about. Often, they are experiencing changes in their economic situation, possible changes in physical locations, changes in the basic operating structure of their family and at the same time, they are being asked to make important decisions about children and property that will significantly impact their futures. This can be daunting!

The Law Offices of Karen Reynolds guides you through the process and aids in obtaining a result that gives the client the one that best meets his or her needs. We explain the impact of Automatic Orders (effective in all Dissolution Actions), help prepare financial affidavits, advise you of parenting education requirements and help you gather the necessary financial information to make informed decisions about your case.

More than 30 years’ experience as a Family Lawyer enables Attorney Reynolds to help clients reach a fair result, using available tools such as production requests, interrogatories, depositions (and the Court if necessary) to make sure all financial information is disclosed.

We help the client to address concerns about children, such as custody, child support, visitation, and parent access. Clients receive a full understanding of the child support guidelines and how they apply in different situations. Attorney Reynolds will negotiate a parenting agreement that addresses all the parent’s issues, and when necessary, will litigate to obtain a fair result. Her training in representing minor children is a major advantage in this process.

In Connecticut, once property has been divided at the time of the divorce or dissolution, that aspect of their judgment cannot be changed or modified. Our lawyer advises clients on all aspects of property division, including real property and financial accounts. Since Connecticut is an Equitable Distribution state, clients need to know the kind of exposure they have with respect to property owned previous to the marriage, inheritances, gifts or other assets, such as family owned businesses. Even retirement accounts can be divided in a divorce action and it is important to do it correctly so there are no penalties or tax consequences.

Clients also need advice on spousal support, alimony and child support. The Firm has the experience as well as technological tools to help parties understand their rights and obligations, and the taxable consequences for them under Connecticut and Federal law. By Connecticut law, and unless the decree of divorce precludes modification of alimony (or spousal support) it remains modifiable. Child support is always modifiable. The technological tools and Attorney Reynolds’ negotiation and mediation skills can assist you to reach a financial result that works for the entire family.

There is no question, that when possible, an amicable resolution is always preferred in a divorce. When families undergo the changes a divorce brings, it is very painful. Adjustments and accommodations are required. Through creative and effective counsel, remaining current with the Family laws in Connecticut, our law Firm can give you advice on when it is appropriate to make those adjustments and accommodations giving you confidence in the choices you make throughout the process.

In the event negotiations fail, we can assist you in Court to obtain a fair result. Call the Law Offices of Karen Reynolds, LLC for a free consultation today.

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