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On occasion, after a Court order is entered, a person may fail to comply with or obey the order or judgment of the Court. This is called contempt. If the contempt is willful, the offending party may be punished in any number of ways. At the Law Offices of Karen Reynolds, LLC, we can assist you with issues regarding contempt of court.

A lawyer can assist a client who needs a court order enforced. After judgments are entered, Connecticut law gives individuals the ability to use Contempt proceedings to ensure compliance with court orders. In situations where a party fails to pay child support, alimony or any other financial orders, it is appropriate to file a motion for contempt. Contempt actions are also used to enforce visitation and custody rights. Attorney Reynolds has thirty years’ experience aiding clients with the enforcement of their court orders.

While it is never a good idea to disobey a court order, there may be certain factual situations that can prevent the contempt from rising to the level of willful. For example, a party may have lost a job involuntarily, or is experiencing an illness that impacts his or her ability to earn in a way they did at the time the order or judgment was entered. An attorney can help an individual defend his or her self against a motion for contempt. Ideally the inability to obey a court’s order should be addressed before it becomes a contempt situation. This can sometimes be accomplished through a motion for modification or through negotiations and mediation.

The punishment for a willful contempt can be severe. Ensuring compliance with the court’s orders will be the Judge’s priority. The Court can also make the offending party pay the attorney’s fees for the person who found it necessary to hire a lawyer to obtain enforcement of the order. Sometimes, in extreme cases of willfulness, the Judge can order incarceration or jail for the person who disobeyed the order. Attorney Karen Reynolds can provide assistance to those individuals who find it necessary to defend themselves against a motion for contempt.

At the Law Offices of Karen Reynolds, LLC, we can help you with the enforcement of judgments and court orders. Our experience in the Family law area and with Connecticut law enables us to guide you through the court process.

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